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Monday, April 18

Surplus 1980 plays Crate in downtown Oakland, CA

Surplus 1980 is part of a five band bill featuring two touring bands from LA (French Vanilla) and Chicago (Negative Scanner). Also on the bill are Rays and Violence Creeps.

The show will be held at Crate, 420 14th St, Oakland, CA.

Saturday, May 28

One Man Band Orchestra #0 led by Josh Pollock

The One-Man-Band Orchestra consists of up to 5 one-man-bands and a conductor, who will guide the musicians through a partially composed/partially improvised piece.

The piece will be performed three times during the course of the afternoon, starting at noon.

Participants include (subject to change) The Lake Millions, DJ 4AM, Henry Plotnick, Phillip Greenlief and Moe! Staiano.

The show will be held at Amnesia, 853 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA.

THANK YOU to all of you who attended our last two Surplus 1980 tours with The Nightingales and The Ex! The bands were very happy to be able to bring our music to the West Coast. Special thanks to the crews / staff at all the venues we visited! September 4-12 2015,

Surplus 1980 embarked on a West Coast tour with U.K. Post-Punk band, The Nightingales. The tour began Friday, September 4 in San Francisco at Amnesia, continuing to Los Angeles on September 6 at the Echo Lounge. September 7 in San Diego at The Black Cat. September 9 will be in Sacramento at The Starlite Lounge (with our friends, Gentleman Surfer), followed by September 10 at Old Nick's Pub in Eugene, OR, September 11 at Lo Fi in Seattle, WA and finally ending up at The Panic Room in Portland OR.

October 29-30 2015,

Surplus 1980 also supported The Ex on their two West Coast dates in October. In San Francisco, Surplus 1980 appeared with The Ex at Bottom of the Hill on Thursday, October 29. In Los Angeles, both bands appeared at The Roxy on Friday, October 30.

THANK YOU to Aram Shelton for putting on the great Active Music Festival! See a bit of Moe! Staiano Ensemble's audience-participation-driven live composition -- watch on YouTube!

In early October, Moe! reunited with former Mute Socialite/Surplus 1980 guitarist Ava Mendoza one last recording session before Mendoza leaves the Bay Area for NYC. This session will likely serve as the foundation for the next Surplus 1980 record.


You can order the album NOW before the release date of May 14, on, or come to one of the album release shows (above) and get one in person!

Track List:
1. 99 Is Not 100
2. The Failure of Commitment
3. Arterial Ends Here
1. Cap The Knife
2. How To Fall Apart (In A Minute)
3. The World's Still Here
4. Only Nothing

Moe! Staiano: Drums, percussion, guitar, bass, vocals, piano, melodica
Bill Wolter: Guitar
 Melne: Guitar
Jordan Glenn: Vibraphone
Amar Chaudhary: Keyboards
 Dominique Leone: Vocals
Aaron Novik: Alto clarinet
Kyle Bruckmann: Oboe
Vicky Grossi: Bass, violin
Alee Karim: Bass
 G.W. Sok: Voice

Sqwonk! was stellar in their performance of Moe's new piece for two bass clarinets, "As It Goes Along." Moe! composed the piece especially for Sqwonk! and the piece had its world premiere at the 2013 Switchboard Festival at the Brava Theatre, held on March 24.

Listen to the performance here:

April 1, 2013
"ARTERIAL ENDS HERE" is being pressed!

The new Surplus 1980 10" vinyl EP-plus-CD is now being manufactured! The record will be on gorgeous colored vinyl, and feature 7 new Surplus 1980 songs!

Be sure to come out to one of the record release parties in mid-May! Surplus will be celebrating at The Hemlock Tavern May 15 in San Francisco, and Life Changing Ministries in Oakland May 18. Check the calendar for more details!

January's Jeff Korber Benefit Concert was a great success, with two large ensembles, (one conducted by Gino Robair and the other by Moe!) performing for the benefit of percussionist Jay Korber, who was severely injured in a bicycle accident.

The fundraiser raised over $1000 toward Jay's medical expenses!!

KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN A SUCCESS! Surplus 1980's Kickstarter campaign was successful! Thanks to a flurry of last-minute donations, "Arterial Ends Here," the 10" mini-album with seven new songs WILL be released.

The album is being recorded by Carlos Arredondo at New Improved Recording Studio and will be completed in late 2012/early 2013 and be released as a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl 10" LP with an included CD. A copy of the CD will be included with every vinyl 10", and the remainder of the CDs will be available individually. This will be Surplus 1980's second release.

Now you can buy Moe!'s music ONLINE! You can now order and/or download any of Moe! Staiano's catalog on Bandcamp! Please visit the Bandcamp store and check out what's available!

New Moe! videos

A video from the soundcheck of Moe!'s August 15 solo percussion show at Berkeley Arts Festival as part of the Berkeley Arts Festival, and a video from Surplus 1980's performance of "Rat Salad" from May's Undercover Presents Black Sabbath's Paranoid show. Watch both here:

New Surplus 1980 recordings

Moe! has begun writing and in May will begin recording for a new Surplus 1980 album. Moe has already written half a dozen songs, and will be once again recruiting the cream of Bay Area talent to accompany him on the recording. It will likely be a 10" with CD with six or seven songs and will be called "Arterial Ends Here". Stay tuned for more details!

On May 19, Surplus 1980 played the "UnderCover" Black Sabbath show, honoring Black Sabbath's seminal album, "Paranoid."

The "UnderCover" series of shows are based on the concept of recreating a particular influential album. Once the album is picked, then bands are chosen, and each band is assigned a song to cover, and reinterpret as they see fit. Each band records their track and then recreates the album live. The show was a great success, with a full house and lots of great reinterpretations of every stripe.

L-R, Bill Wolter (guitar), Moe! Staiano (drums) and Vicky Grossi (bass and vocals).

To hear Surplus 1980's rendition of "Rat Salad," you can purchase/download the single song or the entire CD by clicking on the link!

View more photos from the UnderCover Presents Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' show

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